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  1. Plumbing - Plumbing and drainage-Chan Yuk Leung
    Chan Yuk Leung
    • Plumber hong kong - Plumber-家居易服務有限公司
      • Plumbing hong kong - Plumber-駿煌工程設計
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            Ho jacky
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              • Hong Kong Plumber-FUNG HIN WAI
                FUNG HIN WAI
                • 天晴工程公司-天晴工程公司
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                    • 周 先生-周 先生
                      周 先生
                      • Chan yuk lung-Chan yuk lung
                        Chan yuk lung

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                        • "The bathroom at home is completely not functioning"


                          Hong Kong - Sheung wan

                          When was the drain clogged?Less than a week ago
                          How many drains are clogged?1
                          Where are the places which need drainage cleaning?Bathtub/ Shower Caddy
                        • "The factory needs a long-term professional plumber"


                          Kowloon - Kowloon Bay

                          When was the drain clogged?A few weeks ago
                          How many drains are clogged?4/5
                          Where are the places which need drainage cleaning?The factory's waste pool
                        • "I need someone to check the drainage system in the kitchen"


                          Hong Kong - Sheung wan

                          When was the drain clogged?Less than a week ago
                          How many drains are clogged?2
                          Where are the places which need drainage cleaning?Washing Basin

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                        Why does the drain clogged?

                        The drain is clogged are caused by tissues, sanitary napkins, and towels, sometimes it is blocked by hard objects like plastic brushes, bottle caps, and soap. Under the worst circumstance, the toilet has to be removed so as to clean the drainage. For the clogged drainage in the kitchen, it is often caused by the deposition of food residue and grease as they were stuck at the bend part of the drainage. Another common reason is the hair. Since it is difficult for the hair to decompose normally, it is easy to cause the drainage clogged if the drain is not managed well.

                        What can we do if the drainage of the village houses or outside drainage is clogged?

                        This has to be taken care by the professionals. The professional drainage cleaning company will have an on-site observation and located the part of the clogged drainage. Later, they will send professionals to use certain tools to clean the drainage, such as dump trucks, drainage gas guns, and high-pressure guns.

                        Is it safe to use the liquid clog remover to clean the drainage?

                        The liquid clog remover can be classified into two types, which are Strong acid (sulfuric acid) and strong alkali (sodium hydroxide, kosher). Both of them are extremely corrosive. When the substance reacts to water, the heat will be produced. Without following the instructions and use the correct amount, it will be easy to melt the drainage. If the drainage is produced by metal, you are not advised to use the liquid clog remover for cleaning the drainage since the substance will erode the metal drainage.

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