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Mobile phones have become an inevitable part in our life. Everybody would send their cell phone in to a phone repair shop for screen repairs, charging port repairs,battery replacement, or water damage cleaning.

Whether you looking any phone repair service, Apple repair or Samsung repair, the mobile phone repair shop on HelloToby can definitely give you a hand. The professional phone repair technicians can help you with glitches and damage issues with any mobile device and tablets.

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  • Broken or cracked screen
  • Touchscreen faulty
  • Frozen, not responding
  • Volume Buttons Faulty
  • Home Button Faulty
  • Power Button Faulty
  • Others (Please Specify)

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                Actual Phone Repair Requests

                See other similar requests in Hong Kong

                • "Screen of my LG phone froze"


                  Hong Kong- Pokfulam

                  What brand is your phone that needs to be repaired?LG
                  What issues does the phone have?Frozen, not responding
                  Where do you need the service?I can visit the Pro’s office
                • "Problems with Samsung mobile battery"


                  Kowloon-Tsuen Wan

                  What brand is your phone that needs to be repaired?Samsung
                  What issues does the phone have?Problems with the battery
                  Where do you need the service?It's better if the Pro can come to my place
                • "Iphone screen repair needed"


                  New Territories - Sheung Shui

                  What brand is your phone that needs to be repaired?Apple
                  What issues does the phone have?Touchscreen faulty Others (Please Specify): It won't start.
                  Where do you need the service?Better if the Pro comes to me

                Customer Reviews

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                • kaksd
                  February 22, 2018


                • jasjdasd
                  October 9, 2017


                • asdkaksdk
                  October 6, 2017


                • Diane
                  June 11, 2017

                  Super efficient and professional, polite and detail oriented. They planned well ahead of the visit and has done a fantastic job. If anything in the future, Winnie is definitely the person we'll seek help from!

                • smchan
                  May 5, 2017
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                  Very professional, serious, polite, fast, very satisfied with the result. Fair price, careful explanation of the problem of this machine

                • 甘果测试2
                  October 16, 2016


                About Phone Repair - Samsung Repair, Apple Repair/ Mobile Phone Repair

                The Phone Repair Technicians on HelloToby have been authenticated and reviewed. They are sincere, professional, and experienced at repairing phones. Your needs will be catered, including iPhone repair, Samsung Repair, and so on. You can hire our phone repair technician or phone repair shop near you without a doubt.

                Apart from the recommended Phone Repair Technicians, I'd also like to check the price of Phone Repair!

                Just let HelloToby know what your mobile repair requirements are. In no time, you will receive at least 4 quotations from Phone Repair Technicians and Mobile Device Repair Stores. You can easily pick the Pros who fit your phone repair requirements most, and hire the one who suits you most based on his/her phone repairing pricing, phone repair quotation and past reviews. Your phone repair requests will find its best solution - anytime and anywhere.

                What phone repair service can be done if my phone has water damage?

                First, do not use your phone such as switching on, plugging in, pressing any keys. Prevent minimal movement so the water would not spread out. You also can try disassembling and drying the phone with tissue especially the charging ports. Then put it in abundant rice laying flat and leave it overnight in order to absorb the excessive moisture. To play safe, you should send the phone to a professional technician or phone repair shop to get a proper inspection.

                Which phone repair shop should I choose? What's the difference between sending it back to the manufacturer and repairing it at local mobile phone repair shops?

                It costs more time and money to have your phone repaired by its original manufacturer. Additionally, typically it is more expensive and there are more limitations. Some might reject repairing due to other conditions of the phone. On the other hand, local stores can fix problems for you more efficiently and at a cheaper price. Note that the manufacturer may refuse to provide maintenance checks once it has undergone maintenance elsewhere.

                How can I prevent my phone's screen from cracking?

                Screen Repair is the most common problem in Hong Kong including Samsung screen repair and Iphone screen repair. Some other models that are not as popular than Iphone and Samsung might cost more such as LG repairs, HTC repairs e.t.c. The best prevention is to protect your phone, say using the tempered glass screen protector, which can save your phone from being destroyed or scratched. Phone cases made of silicon can also reduce the chances of hitting the corners thus cracking the screen.

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