Hellotoby provides various nanny services all around Hong Kong, including babysitting, daycare services, kids drop off and pick up services, post-natal care, and so on! Finding nanny in Hong Kong has never been so easy! Hotline: 3703 3250

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3 Steps to find the perfect Nanny

Make a reservation

Make a reservation

Fill and send in your child(ren)'s information, service request and date within 3 minutes.
Nanny Matching Process

Nanny Matching Process

We will contact you within 4 hours in regular operating hours and perform matching process. Upon sucessfaul pairing, you will receive an email notification.
On-site Nanny Service

On-site Nanny Service

The nanny will arrive at your door at the scheduled time, leaving your kid in good hands! Hotline: 3703 3250

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Top Pros

Mrs. Chow
Basic Nanny | 3 hours
"Ms Lam is very attentive to detail, very good with my kids, would definitely recommend her services to my friends."
Lam Yuk Wa - Hellotoby Certified Pro
Daycare Service | 4 hours
" Winnie has been taking care of my kid for a while now, and my kid loves spending time with her. I hope Winnie can keep helping out my family."
Winnie - HelloToby Certified Pro
Mr. Cheung
Post-Natal Care | 5 hours
" Ms Chan is certified for providing post-natal care, really knows how to deal with babies, my son rarely cries with her around."
Chan Qun Ying - HelloToby Certified Pro

Why choose HelloToby?

Professional Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries any time. After the completed service, our customer service personnel will follow up on the service case and review on the quality and experience. We are dedicated to meet your needs by facilitating the seamless connection between the clients and nannies.

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Instant Matching Process

HelloToby will suggest you the best cleaning package that fulfill your needs, according to the condition of your household (i.e. size of your home, number of rooms and preferred service type). Should you have any extra requests during the matching process, please bring it to our attention early on and we will make arrangements to cater your needs.

Standardized Service Procedures

Standardized Service Procedures

HelloToby has strict guidelines on the caregivers' service quality and performance. We will provide a set of service procedure guidelines to our customers for quality assurance. Besides, we will also arrange random on-site checks to evaluate the nanny's efficiency and ensure the service quality is up to standard.

Top Service Quality

Our job is to ensure the nannies are educated and trained professionally, interviews will be conducted for first round of screening before training takes place. HelloToby only hires experienced cleaners or those who have received caregiver related certification. Also, we will review ratings and feedback from every customer for monthly performance evaluation of each nanny.

About Nanny Services

About Nanny - Caregiver, Daycare/ Child Care, Babysitter in Hong Kong

When should I start looking for a nanny? Since it takes time to understand the family and household situation, and then perform screening to prepare the matching procedures, we recommend parents to contact us 1 month prior to the desired service start date. Meanwhile, please allow time to communicate with the nanny and observe on the compatibility among the nanny and the kid. Leaving more time will ensure the adequate nanny service is allocated.

Can I request the nanny to provide cleaning services?

If you have purchased Basic Nanny package, the nanny is not assigned to provide additional services such as cleaning, and cooking service. We suggest you to purchase our All-inclusive Nanny package or Nanny + Cleaning Package for your needs.

How to select the most sutied nanny?

In order to save your time, our platform will pick the most suited nanny for you. When you have submitted the request online, we will gather the child's information and choose the nanny according to the following requirements: Experience Age Relevant Certifications Current number of kids the nanny is taking care of Nanny's location 1. You can learn the information of our recommended nanny as outlined in the sent information. 2. We will send the nanny's name and contact after the payment has been approved. You can contact the nanny to agree on the service details and scope, thus confirming the service time and date. 3. If you are not satisfied and want to change to another nanny after the probation period, we will follow-up the case and rearrange another nanny for you.

Do I have to purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance for the nanny?

According to Section 40 of the Employees' Compensation Ordinance, all employers (including contractors and sub-contractors) are required to take out insurance policies to cover their liabilities both under the Ordinance and at common law for injuries at work in respect of all their employees, irrespective of the length of employment contract or working hours, full-time or part-time, permanent job or temporary employment. An employer who fails to comply with the Ordinance to secure an insurance cover commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a maximum fine of HK$100,000 and imprisonment for two years.

Things to be aware of after completing the reservation?

Call to confirm service The nanny might call you 1-2 days ahead of time to confirm the service details. Please pay attention to any incoming calls. The following will be confirmed via the phone call: - Servicer Date - Service Time - Serivice Address - Service Details/Scope - Child(ren)'s Information We encourage parents to clealry state the expectations and requests to the nanny, share the strategies to raise the kid and the kid's personality. Therefore, understanding the degree of acceptance from both parties.

How to get along with the nanny?

If you're leaving your kid in the nanny's hands, please prepare items and instructions to handle the kid in order for the nanny to be familarize with the kid

Can I contact the nanny via Whatsapp?

You can but it is not recomended to rely on Whatsapp for the sole mean of communication. First of all, text messages and voice not may create chances of miscommunication. In order to avoid conflict and protect your interest, we strongly suggest in person communication with the nanny.

How can I find out whether the nanny qualifies or not?

1. Communication via phone You can learn the nanny's professionalism and mannerism via the phone call, and thus estimating how well the nanny adapt to take care of your kid.

2. Listening to the kid's voice Even before your kid learns how to speak at infant stage, parents can pay attention to the kids' cries whether if the tone is different ie. turn husky. You would be able to differentiate apart from the kid's fear from being away from the parents or the incompatibility with the nanny.

3. Observe the psychological changes in your kid We do not recommend parents to ask the nanny to bathe the kid because shower time is an intimate moment to bond with your child. Another reason is often times the nanny might not be aware of wounds of the kid, avoiding showering the kid will prevent further injuries and uncomfort brought by someone that the kid is not familiar with. Besides, you should observe the kid's mood and behavioural changes after the hiring of the nanny. Beware of verbal and physical abuse scenarios.

4. Observe the interaction between the nanny and the child The nanny should know how to cope with cranky or stubborn behaviours, make an initiative to play and spend time with the kid. Besides, you can pay attention to household changes, for example are there any hazardous items (i.e. sharp) around or daily supplies misplaced.

5. Observe the nanny's personality and habits To prevent the nanny to spoil the kid, you can observe whether the nanny has bad habits? For instance, does the nanny purchase snacks for the kid without permission? Rude and loud mannerism that result in insomnia in the kid?

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