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Are you looking for tutors in Math? Do you want to be good at Math so as to ace your DSE Math, IB Mathematics, or IGCSE Mathematics exam? There is no short cut to study math, especially if you lack resources such as maths past paper by topic and math exercises.

Both private math tutor for in-home tutoring or group tutorial sessions at a tutoring centre are available. We've also got math and physics tutor, and even statistics tutor to help you with mathematical application and calculations.

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Purpose of attending classes:

  • Improve Academic Performance at school
  • Preparing for the HKDSE exam
  • Preparing for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Exam
  • Preparing for other overseas exam
  • Self improvement
  • Others (please specify)

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Featured Math Tutors

  1. Math Tutoring - math tutor hong kong - Amy Yuen-Amy Yuen
    Amy Yuen
    • Math Tutoring - ib math tutor - 	Kevin-Samson Leung
      Samson Leung
      • Math Tutoring - math tutor hong kong - Tutor Circle-Tutor Circle 尋補
        Tutor Circle 尋補
      • Math Tutoring - math tutor - Mr Terence Cheng-Mr CK Cheng
        Mr CK Cheng
        • Math Tutoring - dse maths - Andy Lam-Andy Lam
          Andy Lam
          • Maths Tutoring - dse maths past paper - Sam-Sam
            • Maths Tutoring - pure maths - Nomis-Nomis
              • Math Tutoring - math past paper by topic - lam tsz wai-
                • Math Tutoring - math formula - Mr Terence Cheng-
                  • Math Tutoring - math practice papers - Jumbo Tutor-Jumbo Tutor
                    Jumbo Tutor
                  • Math Tutoring - dse chinese - King Tim Leung-King Tim Leung
                    King Tim Leung

                    Actual Math Tutoring Requests

                    See other similar requests in Hong Kong

                    • “Want to Improve My IB Maths performance”

                      Mr. Leung

                      Hong Kong-Tin Hau

                      What is the student's current Mathematics level?S.4 - S.6
                      What content do you want the lessons to include?Basic Mathematics
                      Purpose of attending classes:Improve Academic Performance at school
                    • “Maths tutor to train me for the Maths Olympiad”

                      Miss Yu

                      Hong Kong-Wan Chai

                      What is the student's current Mathematics level?S.1 - S.3
                      What content do you want the lessons to include?Mathematical Olympiad
                      Purpose of attending classes:Self-improvement
                    • “M1 Maths Tutoring”


                      Kowloon-Mong Kok

                      What is the student's current Mathematics level?S.4 - S.6
                      What content do you want the lessons to include?Mathematics Extended Part. Module 1
                      Purpose of attending classes:Preparing for the HKDSE exam

                    Customer Reviews

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                    Average Math Tutoring Rating:
                    • Paul
                      July 20, 2016
                      Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                      Under Bella's explanation, I understand a lot of concepts, and the notes are clear and easy to understand.

                    • Cherry
                      July 16, 2016
                      Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                      show original review

                      Do not solve the problem (adore) and stay in the real system to solve the number *0*

                    • Dicky Lau
                      July 13, 2016
                      Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                      show original review

                      Super skill, spike mc topic B-)

                    • Sunny Yuen
                      July 11, 2016
                      Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                      show original review

                      Thank you Simon! Help me to follow up on the progress, each chapter chooses the D question. The concept is clearer than mine, very helpful ~

                    • 潘太太
                      July 25, 2016
                      Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                      show original review

                      In addition to 咗 咗 补 补 补 ge ge ge mathematics, other subjects have a clear understanding can be answered.

                    • Mandy
                      July 17, 2016
                      Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                      show original review

                      Compared with the D-training teacher, I must be Alan, and I can answer my question immediately. I used to have a poor trigo, and my home is getting better and better.

                    About Math Tutoring - Math and Physics Tutor / Private Tutor/ Tutor HK

                    The Math Tutors on Toby have been authenticated and reviewed. They are sincere, professional, and experienced. Your needs will be catered regardless of what Math Tutoring you need, including DSE Math, IB Math, Pure math, and so on. You can hire our Pros without worries.

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                    How should you choose the best math tutorial class or tutor center?

                    Before attending the math tutorial lesson, you should figure out the quality of both the private tutors and the math tutorial centers. You can choose the right math tutor or tutorial content based on your own extent of math knowledge and budget to hire a math tutor.

                    What factors will affect the tuitition fees charged by IB Math Tutors/ DSE Math Tutors/ Math Tutors?

                    When the students are promoted to higher grades, the fees charged by the math tutor will be higher. For some well-known math tutors in Hong Kong, they will charge higher rates than others math tutors. Prices vary based on the geographical differnces. For tutorial centres, they will charge different prices based on the number of students in a class.

                    What else needs to consider before joining a math tutorial class?

                    Mathematics is one of the complusory subjects in the HKDSE exams. When the students are enrolled in the university, they still have to face math, physics and statistics in their curriculum. The students should consider to join the math tutorial class when the individual wants to get trainned for different math applications or could not catch up with the progress in school or institution.

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                    Average$ 145
                    Maximum$ 160

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